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Why Your Views on Trump Are Wrong – How to Make a Difference

Liberals are ruining the country, supporting baby killing, making the streets more dangerous, and upholding tyrants trying to take away individual liberty. Let me guess - reading that sentence made ... Read More
Medellin balcony view night

Medellin 2.0: The New, Post-Narcos Medellin

Medellin has a slight image problem. The problem is that when most foreigners hear "Medellin," they picture something like this: Except with Cocaine. Cocaine, guns, and explosions, as far as ... Read More
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World’s Greatest Salesperson

Let's face it, most of us aren't natural salespeople. We have basic negotiation skills, but we'll never be "selling a freezer to an Eskimo." I'm not sure why anyone would ... Read More
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Water Optional in San Juan

I wake up one morning to see my staff running around filling every available container with water - anything from small cups to our large trash bins. I am accustomed ... Read More
poison sandwich

Fumigation Sandwiches

My second day on the job our assistant manager wakes me at 7:30, insisting I need to leave my room for fumigation. This was news to me. Me: Back up ... Read More
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Adventures in Starting a Hostel: 5 Key Lessons

Those that have known me for a long time would probably describe me as: Indecisive - I can't make a decision until I'm fully informed on all the options. And ... Read More